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2023 East Cesar Chavez!!!
Austin, Texas 78702-4511

Rebecca Layton founded Rekh & Datta in 2013. The design studio produces a limited line of clothing and housewares made from original fabrics hand-printed in Jaipur, India. Rekh and Datta are the Hindi words for line and shape and refer to the technical terms of the block carving and printing process, which is at the heart of the company.

The company believes in making “slow clothes,” which are made with quality and care by highly skilled artisans who are paid a fair wage. It combines modern designs with traditional ancient Indian block printing techniques. Additionally, Rekh & Datta never uses middleman. The company knows every single person involved in hand-printing the fabric and stitching the clothing.


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Rekh & Datta is a design studio in Austin, Texas, producing small batches of light cotton clothing and accessories made from custom fabrics hand printed in Rajasthan, India. The fabrics are designed by Rebecca Layton.

Rekh & Datta's business model is based on the "slow clothes" concept -- as an alternative to mass-produced clothing. It’s about quality over quantity.  Artisan-made over mass-produced.  Minimal impact on the environment. Garments that are made with care to last longer and by individuals who take pride in their work. Oh, and also: they feel and look really really good.